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The Kalinga Iron Works was initially named as the Kalinga Industries in the private sector with technical collaboration of M/S. Fried Crupp of West Germany having one low shaft furnace  with a capacity to produce 30000 M.T. of pig iron per annum. It was taken over by the Industrial  Development Corporation of the Government of Orissa on 01st April 1963. It has since been named  as “Kalinga Iron Works”.

          Presently the Kalinga Iron Works produces 100000 M.T. of foundry grade pig iron by three  low shaft furnaces. Besides, it has a power generating plant of its own which supplies power to the GRIDCO, Orissa to the extent of 2.3 M.W. This industry was running with a capital investment of Rs.1,011.27 lakh in 1985.  At present 1,320 persons (both  skilled and unskilled) are working in the unit.

          Under the diversification programme Kalinga Iron Works is also giving to undertake the production of Ductite Iron Spun pipes in close collaboration with TOR-STEEL and MECON. Ductite Iron Spun pipes have a tremendous marketing potential in foreign countries.

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  • Matkambeda – 758036, Barbil, Dist : Keonjhar (Orissa)
  • Cell: 06767-275260,
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