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Kitab Mahal located in college square, Cuttack, is a supplier and publisher of books. It is a well known name in Odisha. It has achieved in carving a special niche for itself in the heart of book lovers. For the last six decades Kitab Mahal has served the teaching and the student community with integrity and care and has provided books for various disciplines.
The libraries of various colleges in Odisha have been enriched mostly by the books supplied by Kitab Mahal. For the brilliant Alumni of Ravenshaw University (formerly Ravenshaw College) and the students mass, Kitab Mahal has always been a center of great academic attraction.
Its founder Sri Late Jagadish Chandra Khandai was a beloved personality and widely known for his immense help and support to the meritocratic and the needy students. The tradition established by him is now continuing under the stewardship of Sri Chandra Kanta Khandai and Sri Saumya Kanta Khandai.
Kitab Mahal gives priority to the students need and thus seeks out the rarest of books beneficial for the teachers, students and as well as all book enthusiasts.
Our mission is to be the best equipped store offering our valued customers the widest range of tittles with consistently courteous service. Each stacked section suitably caters to the diverse reading habits of the People.
The love and admiration and support of the students, teachers and the reading public have made Kitab Mahal grow from strength to strength. It is with this belief that we have kept pace with changing times to better serve the book community of Odisha in all and every way possible.

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  • KITAB MAHAL ,College Square, Jobra Road, Cuttack - 753 003
  • Cell: 0671 - 2548333,
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