Planet Odisha

About Planet Odisha

Planet Odisha is an initiative provide one stop shop for Odisha whether you are looking for schools/colleges or hotel & restaurants or any related topics in any city in Odisha.

Planet Odisha trying to connect Oriya's around the world whether you are living in Odisha or India or living abroad. This is a community where you can come and know about Odisha's heritage/history and also current affairs including entertainment. Founded by Oriya NRIs, this is a unique initiative to bring Odisha culture/history and glory to all the other Oriya's around the globe. The goal is to make an encyclopedia of Odisha so that we can build, maintain, promote, sustain Odisha history, culture, attractions &achievements. If you have some news or activities that you would like to publish, please go ahead and create a profile and start publishing. If you would like to suggest new initiatives, please Contact US and we will happily consider the suggestions.